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Feel like I am by your side for each of the 36 exercises in Ditching Imposter Syndrome, with MP3 audios

guiding you through each of the life-changing exercises and visualisations.

I love to reward action-takers, so these MP3s are only £20 (instead of the usual £30) if you say yes now.

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MP3s For Ditching Imposter Syndrome - £20 Instead Of The Usual £30£20

36 MP3 audios - one for each exercise, meditation and guided visualisation from Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Let go of the process and allow the book to work its magic, as my voice guides you through creating life-changing insights and deep-acting shifts

Easy to find in your readers vault and there for you, whenever you want to do the next exercise or technique

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I really felt like you were there with me, helping me through each technique. I can't begin to describe what a difference it made for me, feeling guided through the techniques in the book. I was able to go so much deeper than doing it on my own.

Jenny, UK

I feel like I know you - like you're an old friend! Listening to your voice as I did each exercise was incredible. I was able to relax and trust the process and it has made such a difference to me. I know I've let go of so much more stuff than I would have done, if I'd been having to talk myself through the exercises.

Lisa, Canada